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Breakfast in Bed
Spring Rescore - Score Relief 2021 Competition Entry
PSA - How to Make a Change
Westworld Rescore - Spitfire Audio Competition Entry (Not paid for or endorsed by HBO or Spitfire Audio)
La Corona: A COVID-19 Horror Short
Don't Let the Evils Consume You
Elysium Rescore - Student Assignment (Created for Educational Purposes)
Paddington Rescore - Student Assignment (Created for Educational Purposes)
Killing Reagan Rescore - Palomar Film Music Workshop Assignment (Created for Educational Purposes)


Recording session for an animated cue at

Karyn has been a musician since the age of 6, when she started playing piano.  From the ages of 10-19, she accompanied choirs in her local school district, singing in the high school choirs as well.  At Washington College, Karyn directed, sang in, and arranged for the a cappella choir, WACappella, while completing her minor in music.  Karyn began studying film composition at UCLA Extension after composing the score to the documentary film Dare to Dream (2017) for the Rotary Club of Columbia in Maryland.  Since completing her education, Karyn has been scoring short films, has sung for choral recording sessions, and continues to write commissioned choral arrangements.  Her recent short film, Don't Let the Evils Consume You, was an official selection at 5 short film festivals, and she is currently scoring an international mini-series.  At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, she composed the score for a PSA about the crisis, then scored a second PSA in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in June 2020.


Karyn was accepted into the 2019 Palomar Film Music Workshop, which she attended at the end of June.  In early 2020 she participated in the first Los Angeles-based Women's Weekend Film Challenge.  She is a member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists as well as the Alliance for Women Film Composers.  In September 2020, Karyn joined the Illuminating Music Group, headed by Julia Sokolowska.



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